Deep Thoughts from the Raspberry Patch

Black raspberriesI spent some time in the raspberry thickets again today. The berries are in their prime and look beautiful!

When most people think of berry picking, they see ladies in long skirts with woven baskets in sunny meadows

My reality is quite different. I dress in my oldest jeans, long sleeved shirt and rubber boots and trudge through ravines with an ice cream bucket. (Sorry to dispel your illusions!)

I have learned that the biggest, juicy most abundant berries are not close to the trails, They grow deep in the ravine.

To get these luscious berries I need to walk through brambles, step over fallen logs, reach around thorn trees and walk through wild rose bushes. It is not easy work.

I get scratched, my clothes get torn, I get jabbed by thorns. Sometimes I lose my balance or step into holes I didn’t even see.

Life is very much like that. It’s the hardest times in life, when painful circumstances jab us and throw us off balance, that produce the sweetest fruit.

“My most painful experiences have given me my greatest strength and fiber- what I most needed to mature. Through them I was forced to rely on the Lord, deal with reality for what it was, defer reward- in short, quit griping and grow up! The very things I hated have been the making of me.” ~ Luci Swindoll Cultivating Contentment

Makes me a little more thankful for the “ravines” in my life.

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