Shop by Seasons

A quick stop at the grocery store tonight yielded some great buys. Since the July Fourth weekend is coming up soon, many of the foods traditionally served on the Fourth are on sale.

Think hot dogs, hamburgers, brats, pop, buns, chips, condiments, watermelon, etc…

I used this same principle back in November when the store had a great price on turkeys. I bought four nice size ones and put them in the freezer. Two of them are soaking in a brine tonight and will be put in the smoker tomorrow.

The smoked turkey will be served at our family reunion next weekend. The other two will be smoked later in the summer for another reunion. It will be a fairly cheap (but delicious) meal because I bought in season. To buy a turkey now would not be as cost effective.

I wish I had used this principle to buy bacon. I was shocked at the price when I checked today! The guy in charge of the meat department told me that every spring the price of bacon goes up because of the demand for BLT’s. Bacon is always cheaper in the winter. That’s a tip I need to remember!

Watching the calendar and stocking up on the holidays is a great way to bag some great deals and save some money in your grocery budget!

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