Hello Summer Hot Dog Roast

roasting marshmallow on camp fireHello summer!

After the spring we’ve had here in the Midwest, I think all of us are ready to leave it behind and begin a new season.

We celebrated the official start of summer tonight with a hot dog roast. We had planned to go out to the ponds, but the weather looked a little uncertain, and the ticks are awful, so we stayed close to the house instead.

We sat and enjoyed nicely charred hot dogs, lukewarm baked beans and carrot sticks while swatting gnats and flies all the while getting smoke in our eyes and grass in our lemonade.  Don’t you just love a hot dog roast!?

Actually, I do! There’s something about the informality around the campfire that relaxes everybody. The kids got to telling stories and joking around. Everybody ate more than they should have, and it was fun. We made a memory tonight.

The kids are sitting outside now, joking around and watching the storms move in across the rural skies. It’s an amazing sight.

I guess I’m a pretty contented country gal tonight…smoke-filled hair, a belly full of s’mores, fun family time and a glimpse of the awesome power of God. I’d call that a good evening!

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