Back in the Garden Again…

compost for gardenWe were finally back in the garden again this week. The higher portions were dry enough to work but the lower third was still mud.

I had to go through and pull out all the grass that was growing in the rows where the plants should be. Which meant that there wasn’t much for plants there.

I discovered the germination wasn’t good. There are just a few small corn plants in each row and a handful of green beans. I didn’t see any watermelon or cantaloupe, but several squash and pumpkin plants came.

I’m not sure at this point what, if anything, I should replant. I did get some more corn planted and filled in the green bean rows. It seems a little late for the melons, however.

As for the other plants, the peas look okay, just a little brown from too much water but they are putting on blossoms and peas. The tomatoes in the higher parts of the garden look great and even have little tomatoes on them, The ones in the wetter section are slowing drowning. Same thing for the peppers, both sweet and hot.

The cabbages are looking great, but the broccoli and cauliflower (planted a little lower) look brown and water logged.

Sounds like a mixed bag of results for the garden this year. But I have nothing to complain about! I’m just thankful I’m not a farmer! We’ll enjoy whatever we can of the fruits of our labor and rejoice that we don’t depend on it for survival.

But I may still mourn, just a little bit, about my melons…

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