Bedding Plants on a Budget

Bedding Plants

A quick stop at our local Amish Store and Nursery yielded me a lovely flat of bedding plants for just $4.

I’ve found that by waiting till June 1st, all of their bedding plants are marked way down. It’s a great way to get some beautiful, large plants for a great deal.

In this flat I was able to purchase: 18 dianthus plants, 6 petunia, 3 wave petunia, 6 pansy, 6 carpet of snow, and 6 small pretty blue flowers But I can’t remember their name!)

That’s 46 plants for just $4.

I was able to fill 6 planters and even used a few to fill in around my perennials in a flower bed.

The best part is, in another week or so I’ll stop back in. If they have any left, they just give them away.

Patience can be a very Thrifty Virtue!

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