Thrifty Alterations: From Slacks to Capris in Ten Minutes

Remember the khaki pants I picked up at bag day yesterday? When I got them home and tried them on I discovered that they fit perfectly! Except…whoever owned them before me was shorter and hemmed them up. Nice pants, fit well, too short. Bummer.

But not to worry! This Thrifty Lady had an idea. I would simply turn this too short pair of pants into a pair of capris for myself.

First step was to take a pair of capris that are the length I liked and lay them on top of the khaki pants. Then I carefully measured down one inch (to give me room for a hem) and cut off the pant legs. (This is the scary part! But don’t worry, the pants were very inexpensive and didn’t work in their current condition, so it was okay to cut them.)

Then I turned up the new hem and sewed it on the machine using a matching color thread.

Voila! A pair of very usable capris from a very unusable pair of khaki pants. I’ll enjoy these all summer and the cost was less than a quarter for the pants and about 15 minutes of work time.

Now that’s a great Thrifty Thought for the day!

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