Lunching a Farm Auction

Homemade apple pieWe just spent the entire day helping our 4H Club lunch a neighbor’s farm auction. We’ve discovered that although it’s a lot of work, it does bring in some good money for the club, and it’s lots of fun!

Lunching an auction means we carried in tables, prepared pork sandwiches, bought chips, plates, pop and water and made a whole lotta desserts. We had 2 entire tables full of cakes, brownies, cookies, and several kinds of homemade pies.

Then we spent the rest of the day selling it all. Since we were the only food or drinks on the farm, we had a monopoly on sales and did quite well. (Especially with pop and bottled water as the afternoon heated up!)

This was our third auction to lunch and I think we finally have the food figured out. The first auction we ran out of food quite early. The second one we had way too much, but this one turned out really well. Although you never really know how many to expect and how hungry or thirsty they’ll be!

A farm auction is quite a social event and brings out all the neighbors. I saw lots of denim and cowboy boots today with a nice mix of hats, both cowboy and seed corn. There were Grandpas with their grandchildren, young newly-married Amish couples, friends, neighbors and the occasional antique dealer.

Some were there looking for a deal, others were just there to socialize. But everybody needed to be fed!

It was a fun day, but a tiring one. I’m ready for a cool shower, a large glass of water and a some time on the couch. I probably won’t look at another pork sandwich for a long time!

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