The Water Fowl Have Returned: Another Sign of Spring

I know that it’s Spring when I can hear the honking of the Canadian geese in the early morning and at dusk.

The very cold and long winter has slowed down their migration this year. We’ve had a few couples checking out the nest boxes we have conveniently placed on all of the ponds, but so far, no one has settled down to start a family.

The nest boxes are made from a plastic 55 gallon drum with a metal pipe to support it and are put in the pond just a few feet from the shore.

Every year we try to remember to fill them with fresh hay or straw before the ice melts off the ponds. If we forget, we have to take out the paddle boat and fill them. (The paddle boat is much more stable than the canoe and easier to launch then the row boat.)

The last few years we’ve have several nesting couples. The children give them all names and eagerly watch for a sign of the goslings. They are hard to spot, and sometimes daddy goose gets a little territorial. But it’s just adds to the fun!

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