Ladies Day Out? Feeding Habits of the Cardinal

We were eating lunch the other day when we noticed that we had two female cardinals at our feeder. They are a little harder to distinguish with their muted red colors, but the little plume on the top of their heads gave them away! The kids had a great time making up stories about “Ladies Day Out” and wondering where their husbands were (probably at home watching the football games!) Then today we noticed two male cardinals feeding at the same feeder. We decide that the gals must have given our little eatery a “thumbs up” and spread the word!

Actually, it is believed that although cardinals do mate for life, during the winter months the cardinals won’t allow the female to feed with him. That will all change in a few months when Spring comes and the male birds can be seen tenderly feeding the females choice tidbits as a part of their mating rituals.

Cardinals are usually ground feeders but during the winter months they will come to a platform feeder or one with a perch. They aren’t picky when it comes to food though! They will eat almost anything offered in a feeder but some of there favorites include sunflower seeds, corn and suet.

3 thoughts on “Ladies Day Out? Feeding Habits of the Cardinal

  1. I enjoyed reading about your birds. I love seeing the cardinals at the feeders. I leave acorns and in shell peanuts for the Blue Jays here, they don’t seem to bully the other birds at the feeders when they have those. I enjoy birdwatching and photography too. We also homeschool.


  2. Thanks robin’s nesting place for the great idea! It’s the same principle we use when we give two squabbling children different toys and send them to different rooms. I can’t wait to try it with the blue jays!


  3. Thank you for the information! I keep a bird feeder right outside of my office window and just watched a male cardinal feeding a female. I didn’t know that was thing, it was fascinating.


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