Mourning Doves at my Feeder!

We had another first at our feeder this past week! A Mourning Dove with her air of class and distinction choose our Woodlink feeder to partake of a meal during the cold snap . Although doves are common to many feeders, we have never seen one at ours. My father-in-law has several feeders out just down the road from us and had seen quite a flock of 24 mourning doves feeding just a few days before ours arrived.

At 9-13 inches tall, they are a mid-sized bird. Their muted gray and brown coloring reminds me of the dignified matron of the past. Always neat and well-dressed in a classical kind of way. Not a hair out of place and dressed to not call undue attention to oneself. Even their call is smooth and mournful. They are seed-eaters and typically ground feeders, but when the ground is snow-covered, they are quick to find a feeder and thoroughly enjoyed our sumptuous feast of sunflowers. She was just a guest however, and did not linger long after lunch. We do hope she stops by again so we can further enjoy her demur appearance.

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