Another Woodpecker Sighting!

All the ice, snow and cold weather has made our bird feeders the “in” place to hang out the last few weeks! It was right after a massive ice storm that we spotted our first Downy Woodpecker at our Woodlink feeder. What a beautiful bird! I’m not sure why they haven’t frequented our feeders, although they might feel more welcome if we added suet to our menu. This loner was looking for an easy meal during pretty tough conditions and we were very glad to serve it. He didn’t stick around long, just for a day and we haven’t seen him since, although we have looked! He seemed to get a long just fine with the juncos and the finches, all of our regular customers. I guess he just needed a respite from the storm as he journeyed onward.

That’s one of the joys of feeding birds during the winter months, the ability to watch a bird closely for a few minutes from the warm, dry house. They are much harder to see in the other seasons when there is an abundance of color and activity all around. The stark surroundings of winter and the need for food brings these hard to spot birds out in the open where even my young ones can watch them and enjoy them.

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