Special Sister Chocolate Pie

My sister came for a visit today. That should be written in all capital letters and highlighted with stars and hearts. Since she lives two hours away, a visit is a rare thing and is treated as a “Special Occasion” .

While our daughters disappeared into the lovely miniature world of Polly Pockets, we started to catch up on what had transpired in our lives since our last talk fest.

It was a delicious time of laughter and tears, memories and anticipation. Yes, it was a very “Special Occasion” indeed. An occasion such as this demanded a very special dessert.

A rich, creamy decadent dessert that says, “You are so very special, I’m so glad you choose to drive 2 hours and spend today with me”. A dessert that I shall call “Special Sister Chocolate Pie”.

I began with a 9 inch baked pie shell, but I’m sure it would be wonderful in a graham cracker crust, or just in 6 pretty dessert bowls. Then I placed in the blender 2 cups of Nestles chocolate chips, 3 oz. of a Cadbury White Chocolate and Raspberry bar and 1/3 cup of powdered sugar. I processed it until it was coarsely chopped. Then in a saucepan, I brought 1 cup of milk and 1/4 cup of butter to a boil and added it to the blender, processing till smooth. The last step was to pour it into the pie shell and chill till set.

We enjoyed the rich luscious raspberry chocolate slices slathered in whipped cream together as we pondered the mysteries of the universe and solved the problems of the world. A truly special dessert to honor a truly special sister on a very “Special Occasion“.

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